Before and After

Incredible results and inspiring journeys; here are some of our patients’ before and after photos.


The Stories Behind the Smiles

“I was never really satisfied with the way my teeth looked, even after braces, when I was a kid. My orthodontist then said that I probably would need surgery to achieve a better bite and that was not an option for me. Dr. Todd was a breath of fresh air. His ‘can do’ attitude, latest technology, and kind demeanor made returning to an orthodontist as an adult easy. I finally was able to get the smile I had always dreamed of. My teeth are straight, and I no longer grind my teeth at night. Thank you for giving me the confidence I always wanted.”
— Ellen

“I always had crooked teeth, but now my teeth are perfectly straight, thanks to Dr. Todd! Throughout my teens and twenties, I never wanted to smile and was always self-conscious of how bad my teeth looked. At age 29, I decided to make a life change and get braces. Dr. Todd helped transform my teeth from something I was not proud of to something that makes me happy every time I smile. I don’t mind smiling anymore, and I have much more confidence in myself. My children and wife notice how much happier I am, and I have Dr. Todd to thank.”
— Justin C.

“For most of my life I had a huge gap between my front teeth. I always thought braces were only for kids. Dr. Todd told me about ceramic braces and assured me he could close my gap and give me a magnificent smile. The spaces closed and my teeth look great!”
— Paul